Положительная практика

Самообладание и почтение отца.

Синхронный перевод (примерный):

I like to call my parents right now.


Use my lifeline. Call my parents right now.


What are their names.

Um, my father. I’ll talk to my father. This money does have name — yes — Tom.


Our friends at ATT we’ll get to your dad on the line and we’ll see if he can help.


Hello Tom.

Yeah hi Regis Philbin here from “Who want’s to be a millionaire”, alright we’ve got you don Jon with us right now. He’s doing pretty well. He’s won a half million dollars.


And he’s going for a million dollars and he needs your help to get there. Okey.


He’s gonna come on the line read a question four possible answers one of them is the right answer and the next voice you hear will be John’s. John you’ve got 30 seconds. Starts right now.

Hi, Dad alright and I really need your help. I just wanted to let you knew that I’m gonna win the million dollars

Смех в зале.

Because the US president appeared on laugh-in is Richard Nixon that’s final answer.

Well my gosh what can I say except definite you’ll go in a Paris and this is the final answer heard all around the world.

He is one of it your daughter..

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