Про разведку и шпионаж

Читаю про Гарри Уайта — американского чиновника, подозреваемого в связях с СССР. Вот забавное:

«One day (likely in 1945) a carpenter in Washington received a container of caviar at his house. Then a case of vodka was delivered. Then came an engraved invitation in the mail to attend a social event at the Soviet embassy… Finally came a telephone call from a Harry Dexter White at the US Treasury. The carpenter was also named Harry White. The Treasury-White had traced his misdirected presents. He proposed that carpenter-White send him half the goods and keep the other half. «I was going to send them all back to him,» the carpenter told a reporter. «But I thought,» after reflecting on his talk with Treasury-White, that «he’s the kind of fellow, that if I send them all back, will still think that I kept half. So I did.»».

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